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What is Pitching Presentation?

A pitching presentation is specially designed presentation usually in PPT but may be in flash or video, depending on idea of startup to present to investor/s. The aim of this presentation is to explain the potential of the idea or company & why it is ideal for investment. Usually, a pitching presentation contains up to 20 slides.

Pitching slides must be designed by understanding the platform first where this presentation is going to be. Different treatment is required depending upon the platform i.e in a hall with a number of people or in a meeting room on a projector or to be given in a mail.

But in any form, it is always recommended to have more images, graphs, bars & infographics for easy understanding and less text or bullets.

What should be the flow of a Pitch Presentation?

Storytelling is well-known the art of presentation. It is considered best for understanding, co-relating & memorizing. However, it is not possible for many ideas but still following the natural path is always a safer way. Keep flow starting from "what is the problem" , "how you are solving it " , " how you are going to do it" " why you or your idea is ideal for investment".

What should be the content of Pitching Presentation?

This is a very crucial question and this is where most of the startups make the major mistake. They stuffed their slides with either whole lot's of data or put too much information. You have to understand that you are supposed to show your business idea where you are proposing them for investment, it is not a technical or financial meeting. No sense if your idea gets lost in the tonne of data, information, and text. As per most of the renowned investment firms, they want to see at the most 15 slides containing the idea. Below is the content VC wants to see in any Pitching presentation.

  1. Title
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Marketing Plan
  5. Market Size
  6. Fundraising
  7. Team
  8. Competition
  9. Use of Funds
  10. Underlying Magic
  11. Business Model
  12. Market Validation

Alternatively, you can use following

  1. Introduction
  2. The Hook
  3. The Solution
  4. The Market
  5. The Competition
  6. Differentiation
  7. Business Model
  8. The Team
  9. The Request

What should be the starting of Presentation?

You need to start with " Very good" slides which should majorly explain the audience about what they all about to see. It should include your company name, a brilliant image/graphic and your elevator pitch / tagline. Some additional information ( not too much) to understand exactly the idea they are about to see.

What are all important points I need to remember while making Pitching Deck?

Try to incorporate most common question's answer like

  1. What is it?
  2. What's the PAIN? (Problem)
  3. What else is out there? (Competition)
  4. How are you going to make money?
  5. Who's running the show? (Team)
  6. What's your 10-week benchmark?

Here is one elevator pitch for your reference

How does story flow?

With the following image, you would understand the flow or story line , just put that in a logical manner & you will have impressive pitching presentation.

Do I really need top notch Pitching Presentation?

Yes. Your pitching presentation is first interaction with VC and people, you must show them best design, content, and idea. After all, this pitching presentation is the one which actually going to fetch that money to execute that idea well.